Austin Police Deploy Taser

This video was titled “Austin cops taser man for dancing at bus stop!” That tile I believe is misleading.

Both the quality of video and audio is very poor obviously taken with a cell phone. But is decent enough quality to realize that the officer obviously made contact with the dancing man.

Now, at this point it is unclear wither the officer had a call for service or simply stopped because he thought the man was acting suspicious.

What is clear is when the man attempts to board the bus it is obvious from the video the officer means to detain him and prevent him from leaving. The man doses not comply and  attempts to avoid and at one point may have attempted to flee the officer.

Whatever the circumstances there are many out there who try to paint a nasty picture of the police. This can be heard in the video from a bystander.

It is unclear if the woman’s voice in the video is behind the camera or just a bystander on the street but she can be heard saying

“He didn’t do anything!”

A male voice can also be heard after the taser was deployed.

“Stop tasering him you asshole!”

Now, I want to make something very clear. It is never my intent to negatively portray police conduct. I am very much more concerned with honest presentation of facts. From my perspective I believe this was a justified use of force.

The officer used commands and even went hands on. The subject here had ample opportunity to comply and he chose not to!

It is obvious to me that the office used restraint and acted in good faith. I personally believe this was a job well done. is not interested in portraying Police in a negative light! I am all about holding public officials accountable for their actions. I do however fell they should get a pat on the back when deserved!

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