Enraged Orlando Police Officer Misconduct!

Orlando Police responded to a domestic dispute between a father and son. Although no crime had been committed that didn’t stop this Orlando Police Officer from trying to provoke a fight.

Ryan Romasco said he began recording after the cop placed his hands on him according to PINAC, but the video undoubtedly speaks for itself.

There were no arrests made but that did not stop Orlando Police Officer Sanchez from acting in an unprofessional manner.

The video depicts the officer using vulgar language towards Romasco. Certainly being disrespectful in an attempt to provoke a physical confrontation the officer actually gets in Romascos personal space.

Calling him a bitch and then treating him with pepper spray it is obvious that officer Sanchez is out of control.

Peace Officers are suppose to uphold the Law and provide a public service to the community they serve.

They are suppose to be unbiased and neutral deescalating the situation while protecting the public.

It is obvious Officer Sanchez did not uphold the high standards the public demands of it’s swore officers.

The only way we can stop this kind of behavior is to expose it and hold those accountable who abuse their authority and public trust!

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