Strong Arm of The Law: A Texas Cop Loosing Control

It’s well known that cops in Texas are not to be messed with! A Fort Worth mother and her daughter found out just how bad one Texas Cop could be.

Fort Worth Police Officer William Martin responded to a call of service where the complainant claimed a neighbor assaulted her 7 year old son because he had littered.

Doing a piss poor job of investigating the incident. The Officer implies that it’s the mothers parenting skills that needs improvement!

“Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?” Martin asked her after she told him what happened.

You can see the obvious surprise on Jacqueline Craig’s face as she realizes she isn’t dealing with a public servant, but a paid gangster looking to assert his authority on unsuspecting citizens!

The exchange escalates as Craig realizes that Martin isn’t here to uphold the Law and protect her child.

Feeling tension between her Mother and Officer Martin. Craig’s daughter steps between them obviously making an attempt to calm her mother down. This sends Officer Martin into action!

He violently attacks Craig shoving her to the ground, even going so far as to put a taser to her back even though she hasn’t had time to resist. The video shows that she immediately roles to her stomach and places her hands behind her back!

Martin isn’t done yet one victim isn’t enough! He jumps to his feet and rushes to the daughter forcing her to the ground placing her under arrest claiming she had interfered with his duties.

A bystander not currently identified can be heard in the background yelling and treating the Officer stating “I got you live!”

This almost certainly pissed Officer Martin off and he would soon take actions on her as well.

After securing the Mother and daughter in his patrol vehicle. Martin turns his attention to the female videoing with a cell phone. He grabs her and shoves her into the car. Forcefully stripping her of her phone and placing her under arrest!

It doesn’t get much worse for the Fort Worth Police Department in this situation. Officer Martin has successfully embarrassed his department and Law Enforcement Nation Wide for that matter.

This is seen with his 10 day unpaid suspension he received for his violation of Department Policy in this incident.

According to the Forth Worth Star Telegram:

The white police officer accused of using excessive force during his arrest of a black woman and her two daughters could have been promoted to corporal if he would have agreed to a seven-day suspension and waived his right to appeal, according to his attorney and a letter to members of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association from its president.

But because of the excessive-force allegation and the fact that the Tarrant County district attorney’s office has said it plans to present the entire incident to a grand jury, officer William Martin felt he had to choose a 10-day suspension, his attorney, Terry Daffron, said. The decision allows him to appeal the discipline but means he will be bypassed for promotion.

Obviously such disciplinary action is egregious!

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald said Martin violated departmental policy by using excessive force and failing to thoroughly investigate, but assured the public the cops would receive more training. Obviously this is total bullshit as well!

You don’t have to be a professional investigator to see Officer Martin was out of control!! The Fort Worth Police have no excuse for this kind of behavior, and any disciplinary action less than termination is unacceptable!

Officer William Martin does not deserve the opportunity of wearing his badge! He certainly does not possess the qualities we demand and expect from our Police. Without a doubt he should be terminated and prosecuted for his actions!!!

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