Bexar County Deputy Constable Puglia, Marc Pct 1 : An Officer Above Reproach!

We all make mistakes from time to time. Hell, no one is perfect and we don’t expect our Police to be either.

What we do expect is Transparency! What we do expect is Accountability! What we do expect is PROFESSIONALISM!

Deputy Constable Puglia had the perfect opportunity to admit he was wrong! Much more than that he had the opportunity to show integrity and do the right thing!

AND HE FAILD!!!    Horribly!!!

I believe the video speaks for itself! I give a should out to TXSHEEPDOG and thank him for all he’s done you guys stop by and visit his YouTube channel!

I have also written emails to the Bexar County Constable service expressing my dissatisfaction with their deputies conduct and hope you will do the same!

Bexar County Constables Office Precinct 1
3505 Pleasanton Rd
San Antonio, Texas 78221
Phone: 210-335-2806
Fax: 210-335-2704

Leave comments and let me know what your thoughts are about this Tyrant!

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